The city that never stops eating. Or drinking, for that matter. Boston is one of our favorite places to go for a quick weekend getaway. There’s always so much to do, see, eat, and yes, our favorite, drink! But in a city filled with so many incredible bars and eateries, how do you choose just one? We found one we think you’ll LOVE.

Townsman is a brasserie-inspired restaurant that prides itself on local, sustainable, and therefore seasonal food. When you walk inside, something about the refined yet comfortable atmosphere makes you feel at home. It’s one of those places you walk into, take your coat off, and stay for the night. Well, until they make you leave, anyway.

The kitchen is out in the open for all to watch, which is a favorite attribute of ours. Anytime an owner is willing to let the customer see what and how they’re preparing meals, you know that you’re in good hands. The menu is beautifully put together; not too big and not too small. Since it’s Boston and when in Rome… the first order of business on our list was to order a cocktail. The Green Girder looked especially refreshing, and that it was. The fresh celery juice helped to offset the gin, with the perfect amount of fresh squeezed lime juice. The kicker for us? The smoke salt. What a perfect garnish to this beautifully crisp drink.

The appetizers were next, and just reading the menu makes your mouth water. We went with the New England Charcuterie board with the salami and the bresaola. The presentation is beautifully rustic, served on a large stone plate. Along with your meat selection, the board comes with biscuits, charred bread, and assorted sauces. As soon as we took our first bite of the salami and bresaola, we were HOOKED. The freshness and quality of the meats was unreal and the accoutrements made this what could be ordinary charcuterie board into something extraordinary. But of course, we couldn’t stop at just ONE appetizer. We also ordered the yellowfin crudo, which, no joke – tasted like it jumped out of the ocean and onto our plates. It was some of the freshest fish we’d ever tasted. The cranberry and fennel kept the dish nice and light, and the smoked cashews gave it a wonderful depth.

On to the entrees! We had the North State Farm lamb, which comes prepared two ways. If you like lamb, love lamb, hate lamb, have never tried lamb; we highly encourage you to give this dish a try. It was deliciously prepared and the quality of the meat really came through. The chef doesn’t bother with two many components or sauces or sides but instead, focuses on cooking a few things to PERFECTION. We also ordered the braised pork shank which melted in our very happy mouths. It was comfort food with class.

And last but not least, dessert! We were told that the pastry chef, Meghan Thompson, likes to switch up her dessert selection, so you might not always be able to get the same thing twice. When we were there, we ordered the pistachio rhubarb cake. It was outstanding. Light but rich, sweet but savory, airy yet crunchy. Divine. If you’re lucky enough to be there on a night chef Meghan prepares it, order it!

All in all, this was one of the best meals we’ve had in a long time. Not only was the food fresh and thoughtfully prepared, it was also an incredibly relaxed and cozy atmosphere. We could have stayed all night! (And we almost did!)

We hope on your next trip to Boston, you’ll be able to stop by Townsman and enjoy a truly delightful meal.

– Brooke and the Global Access team