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“Providing peace of mind and assurance to the client is a top priority. If they can trust that the job will be done well they have more time to focus on their main priority, running their business. It is our job to handle all the details and ensure every moving part will come together flawlessly. It’s all about building trust.”

~VP of Operations, Brooke Latham

  • Boston

    The city that never stops eating. Or drinking, for that matter. Boston is one of our favorite places to go for a quick weekend getaway. There’s always so much to do, see, eat, and yes, our favorite, drink! But in a city filled with so many incredible bars and eateries, how do you choose just one? We found one we think you’ll LOVE. Townsman is a [...]

  • Madrid

    Our team recently got back from one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to yet. Madrid. Spain’s central capital. We had never been to Madrid before and were looking forward to all of the beautiful parks, culture, and art we had heard all about. When we got there, we were in awe of just how beautiful of a city it is. It’s sort of an [...]

  • Barcelona

    One of our favorite places to travel to. It’s vibrant street life, amazing people, and quirky culture make for a new experience every time. When visiting Barcelona, you’ll never run short of things to do, places to eat, and nightlife to live. On our last visit to Barcelona, we decided to check out a restaurant called Mamarosa Beach which, as I’m sure you guessed from the [...]

  • Las Vegas

    So much to do. So much to see. So little time! We understand how overwhelming this must be to a newly minted or seasoned traveler, wanting to hit up the best places in town. Here at Global Access, we spend quite a bit of time in Las Vegas, hosting meetings and entertaining clients, so we have curated a snapshot of a few of our favorites. Most [...]

  • San Francisco

    We recently got back from one of our all-time favorite places to visit; San Francisco, California. There’s no place quite like San Francisco. A city nestled into hillsides, surrounded by the ocean every which way you turn, San Francisco is one of the more adventurous and lively coastal cities we’ve visited. The people, the food, the culture, the coffee, the food… did we mention the food? [...]

  • Istanbul

    If you’ve never been to Istanbul, you’ll want to go after reading this post. Why? Because we had one of the coolest, most unique experiences we’ve ever had in our travels. Usually in our posts we discuss a couple different places or experiences we’ve had, but this post is dedicated to one in particular. One of the most interesting facts we stumbled across is that Istanbul [...]