Our team recently got back from one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to yet. Madrid. Spain’s central capital. We had never been to Madrid before and were looking forward to all of the beautiful parks, culture, and art we had heard all about. When we got there, we were in awe of just how beautiful of a city it is. It’s sort of an old-meets-new metropolis, with it’s stunning architecture, clean streets and parks, and plethora of bars, cafes and shops.

On the first day we were in Madrid, we explored the streets with no agenda and lost ourselves in the museums and the crowds. We could have spent a week doing ONLY that, but alas, we had other plans in mind.

One of the visits during our trip we were most looking forward to was the Real Madrid Stadium for a tour. The stadium is ENORMOUS. It’s bright, clean, and spectacular. We were able to to have our group photo taken on the pitch of the Real Madrid Stadium. We HIGHLY recommend trying to get a photo taken there, it’s far superior to your typical “in front of another hotel” picture. After we took our group photo on the pitch, we walked around the stadium and enjoyed cocktails and dinner. The food was your average stadium-like food which we expected, but it hit the spot and gave us the energy to make the trek around the incredibly large stadium.

For our last night in Madrid, we decided to go to a local wine shop for a wine tasting paired with local cuisine. It’s called Lavinia, and it was delightful. The staff there is incredibly well versed in the large selection of wines they carry, and we couldn’t have asked for a friendlier server. When they saw that we had a group of Americans, they opened the private wine room and generously let us enjoy our experience in the private room. After getting our likes and dislikes in relation to wine, the server recommended a couple bottles of both red and white. One of the reds we particularly liked was called Bernabeleva, Carril del Rey, 2012. It was delicate and fruity and light enough to pair with the delicious meal. The food portions were larger than we expected, but happily welcomed! After a few hours of relaxing with good friends, good food, and great wine, we headed back to enjoy our food and wine coma in the comfort of our own hotel rooms.

We hope when you visit Madrid, you take us up on our recommendations! We’d love to hear what you think. Happy travels!

– Brooke and the Global Access Team