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We are incredibly passionate about what we do. In growing our business over the last decade, what we’ve learned is that it’s not about size, it’s about execution. And most importantly, we understand the reality that you are only as good as your last meeting and so we continually push ourselves every meeting. Above and beyond the basics of logistical meeting planning we place ourselves as your strategic partner, understanding those elements that are most important to you.  With a sense of urgency, level of care and flawless execution, we create a productive meeting environment so your employees and key stakeholders can focus on the importance of serving their customers.


We are committed to keeping up with the latest industry trends, tools and news to bring our clients fresh and innovative meeting solutions.


We know that it is the fine points that make the difference. Whether it’s careful and deliberate menu selection or transportation both comfortable and convenient, we  leave no detail unattended.


Our Project Managers and their support teams handle all of your needs related to the meeting from inception to completion. With this single point of contact approach, it reduces the amount of people you have to speak with and builds trusting partnerships where work styles and preferences are well known.


Our extensive experience and strong relationships allow us to secure access to some of the worlds most sought after locations at the most competitive rates.


With over 100 years combined worldwide experience, we have cultivated a strong team with the tenure, industry credentials and cutting edge ideas in order to produce the creative solutions our clients are seeking.


A holiday party for 900 at an Ivy League University or a full day of organized competitive fun in an idyllic country meadow – whatever the destination and goal of your event, we treat every program as a blank canvas, designing each element to leave your guests wondering how you’ll ever top it.

Partner with Us


  • Our team has executed events in Broadcasting, Entertainment, Sports Marketing, Technology, Sponsor Hospitality, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, and Legal.
  • Over 600 successful meetings & events
  • 500+ hotel partnerships and growing
  • Booked business in all 50 states and 6 continents
  • Established 2007

Corporate Social Responsibility

gam gives back

Our commitment to CSR goes beyond mere rhetoric; it’s woven into the fabric of our meetings. We have initiated a program wherein we make donations to local non-profit organizations, leaving a positive impact on the communities hosting our events. This not only aligns with the values of our clients but also enriches the overall experience for attendees. 

As an illustration of our dedication, we’ve partnered with Tufts Paws for People, an organization training pets to be therapy animals for hospitals, women’s shelters, and elder care facilities. During the main arrival day at our meetings, pet therapists and their handlers from Tufts Paws for People were present at the registration desk for two hours, aiding our GAM team in warmly welcoming guests. 

CSR Team Engagement

Odyssey teams

In collaboration with Odyssey Teams, specialists in leadership development and team building, we have integrated CSR team engagement into our National meetings. This involves activities such as building prosthetic hands, in association with a program initiated by Odyssey Teams. These prosthetics serve amputees worldwide who lack the financial means to acquire such devices. Since 2008, Odyssey’s clients, including us, have contributed to the construction of over 70,000 prosthetic hands distributed to amputees in more than 93 countries. Our goal is not just to host successful events but to leave a lasting positive impact on the destinations and communities we touch.

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