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Global Access Meetings, Inc. is a family business with a committed and trustworthy team. Linda started the company in 2007 with an opportunity to assist an up-and-coming biotech with their first product launch. A couple years later after the company was experiencing incredible growth, she brought in her daughter, Brooke, to help expand the business. Over the years, Linda and Brooke have cultivated an extended family of exceptional industry professionals that have the dedication and creativity for delivery detailed meetings and unique events. 

“The attention to detail, inclination to go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service, and preparedness to anticipate the unexpected is what they do best!”

Linda Latham

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Denver, CO

Linda has over 30 years of experience in the meeting and event planning industry. She began her career planning meetings for Fortune 500 companies. Linda’s sense of high touch yet personable service and fine detail have been her hallmarks.  Starting small with one client who believed in her talent and gave her the opportunity to shine, she launched Linda Latham and Associates. When she realized the potential in her growing business, she changed the name to Global Access Meetings in 2007. As the founder and catalyst of a boutique agency providing white glove service to her clients, she personally ensures that her company’s reputation for custom design, focusing on the fine points and ultimately flawless execution, is the standard for every program. With a respected reputation in the industry, Linda’s instinctive sense of business has created a reputable business and brand.

“My favorite place to travel is the coast of California –  driving the 101 Coast Highway from San Diego to San Francisco is absolutely breathtaking anytime of the year.”

Brooke Davis, CMP

Chief Operations Officer

Denver, CO

With a degree in Business Administration from Chico State University and emphasis in entrepreneurship, Brooke pursued an interior design career after college. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco and worked for 3 years in high end residential design. Having a strong passion for travel and learning other cultures, Brooke started in the meeting’s industry as a travel director, working alongside her mother and other top industry professionals. Her creativity and attention to detail gave her a competitive edge in the meetings industry so when given the opportunity to team with her mother, she jumped at the offer and began to build Global Access Meetings. She has operated hundreds of programs on 4 continents and has traveled extensively both professionally and personally. Her ability to effortlessly adapt to new cultures and represent her client both domestically and abroad allows her clients to focus on the business content while she handles everything else.

“Meeting with our clients to understand & implement their vision is a fun and rewarding part of my job. I enjoy and thrive in the strategic thought process of creating a thorough agenda that seamlessly executes a flawless meeting.”

“I spent 3 months traveling extensively through Southeast Asia visiting over 5 countries and countless cities. This humbling and awe-inspiring adventure provided a perspective on cherishing everyday and opened my eyes to the beautiful world we live in.”

Brooke Davis

Laurie Turpin-Soderholm

Director of Meetings & Events

Chicago, IL

Laurie’s career began in grade school when she planned a neighborhood carnival to raise money for the Jerry Lewis Telethon (raising a grand total of $5), and continued as she planned and performed in various shows and events for her friends, neighbors and family. Fast forward and today her work has taken her out of her parents garage to more than 40 countries over nearly 30 years on events ranging from business meetings to travel incentives, galas, festivals, parades and six Olympic Games. With an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from Georgetown University, a master’s degree in Theatre from Northwestern University, and years of work in Chicago’s vibrant professional theatre world, Laurie designs program elements that are influenced by her studies and experience in theatre, art, literature, creative writing, history and world cultures. When it comes to program design, as in life, her philosophy is to take the road less travelled, leading to a destination that is unexpected, unpredictable, and truly unforgettable.

“I seek remarkable experiences when I travel. Crawling inside a forgotten pyramid in Egypt, maneuvering myself, lamp on my head and covered in ancient dust and sand, using my arms to pull myself across chasms and under stone structures. Or being locked in solitary confinement on Alcatraz Island while hosting a dinner. In solid darkness with nothing but my own imagination, I lasted one very long minute. But what a memorable minute it was.”

Brian M. Myers, CMP

Sourcing & contract manager

Chicago, IL

A meetings professional with 25+ years experience, specializing in strategic meeting & event management and contract negotiations, Brian’s logistical planning and innovative end to end meeting solutions are cost effective, exceed client expectations and result in high customer satisfaction. Having studied Hospitality Management at Roosevelt University, he received his certification in Corporate Travel Management and obtained his Certified Meeting Professional designation (CMP). Brian’s personability and attention to detail allows his clients to rest easy knowing everything will be managed seamlessly.

“Throughout my life and career, I have had the great fortune to travel extensively around the world. While my “favorite place” has changed many times along the way, I now accept that I no longer have a “favorite place.” I appreciate wherever I am at the moment, taking in the beauty of the landscape, the climate, the people, the food, and the culture!”

Brianna Harmon

Brianna harmon

senior Project Manager

Chicago, IL

As a meeting planner, Brianna has been able to utilize her strengths, strong attention to detail and creativity, which has ignited her passion for creating and executing meetings and events. She fell in love with the process of understanding a client’s vision and making it come to life. After earning her degree in Business Management and Marketing, Brianna started her career in the hospitality industry and has experience planning events from intimate receptions, to large conferences, and everything in between. She is motivated to put passion into her work on a daily basis because she is genuinely fulfilled by the end result of a seamlessly executed project.

“I feel blessed to be working in an industry that I truly love. I am motivated to put passion into my work on a daily basis because I am genuinely fulfilled by the end result of a seamlessly executed meeting.”

“My favorite places to travel involve quiet time away from the daily bustle. Whether lounging in a cabin surrounded by mountains or soaking up sun on a beachside resort, I love spending time anywhere that I can take advantage a peaceful moment.”

taylor Thomas, CMP

Senior Project Manager

Austin, TX

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Taylor began her career in the events and meeting industry.  For the last decade, Taylor has developed a versatile skill set by leading event management and planning across a variety of businesses, ranging from association and healthcare conferences and meetings, Fortune 500 corporate and technology events, and VIP luxury experiences for the PGA Tour and the US Open Tennis Championships.  Taylor is renowned for having a keen eye for an incredible attention to every detail and her ability to remain calm under pressure.  Having obtained her Certified Meeting Professional designation (CMP), her wealth of industry knowledge along with her organizational skills have led her clients and partners to trust her with executing their events from conception to completion.  Both in her career and personal life, Taylor’s beloved passion of travel has always inspired her to seek out and create extraordinary and memorable experiences.

“I feel so fortunate that my career has given me the ability to travel to some of the most incredible destinations in the world.  I truly believe that travel is our greatest teacher, and wherever I am headed, I love immersing myself in the local culture and finding hidden gems in every city.  Gaining fresh perspectives and getting to share these experiences with my clients is one of the aspects I love most about my job.”

Taylor Thomas Headshot
Alaina Jalbert

Alaina Jalbert

Austin, TX

Project manager

Alaina’s passion for customer service and creating memorable events led her to a career with Marriott and event planning prior to joining GAM. Her career in hospitality gave her a comprehensive understanding of the complex behind-the-scenes execution of a seemingly effortless customer experience.  She brings a strong background in logistical planning and turning clients’ visions into memorable experiences. Just as importantly, her adventures canoeing remote rivers in northern Quebec and hunting trophy elk in Wyoming’s grizzly bear country are part of her foundation for the critical importance of detailed planning, relishing creative solutions for meeting the unexpected, and building relationships with fellow adventurers.

“My favorite travel destinations are off the beaten path, one of my favorite experiences was exploring the jungle of Belize on horseback.”

Lauren ryan


Denver, CO

Since graduating from the University of Colorado with a degree in Communications and a minor in public health, Lauren has worked in the medical field, insurance, tech and is now happier than ever in her role at GAM. With her exceptional attention to detail and go-getter attitude, Lauren strives to always exceed client expectations when planning and executing corporate events. Her passions for traveling and project management align when it comes to her role here at Global Access Meetings. Lauren has always been a planner at heart, from organizing an extravagant Greek vacation to quick weekend trips to the Rockies, the execution is always flawless.

“ I have been lucky to travel to and enjoy many different countries and cultures throughout my life. My most favorite experiences always include wild animals, from a Safari in South Africa, to feeding wild dolphins in Australia, to swimming with sharks in the Bahamas, it’s impossible to pick just one.”

Lauren Ryan
Julia Mumme

Julia Mumme

Event Coordinator

Chandler, AZ

After earning her degree in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University, Julia decided to pursue a new pathway in event planning. She first entered the event planning industry through an internship with Global Access Meetings and immediately fell in love with it. Within this career field, Julia has been able to display her keen attention to detail and efficient communication skills. Julia is committed to providing the best care for her clients and when challenges may arise, she ensures a positive customer experience. Julia’s drive and passion to execute seamless events is undeniable.

“I’ve had the privilege of traveling to several countries in my life already, and I plan to visit many more in the upcoming years. My favorite destination is Portugal; it’s rich in culture, liveliness, and color.”

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